What is product media?

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Did you know that product media has a huge reach and that research has shown that 84% of promotional items are owned by the recipient for more than six months? And a promotional item has a high contact frequency and is used on average once a day. Further on this page you will find facts about the use of our products.

Promotional products, premiums or gifts, we call them product media can all be found in our webshop. Need advice? Our experienced employees take their job seriously and are happy to help you support your brand.

Power of product media
At BeGlobal, we believe the power of product media goes beyond just giving a gift. It's about leaving a lasting memory. Your associates and employees all use product media. By choosing the right gift, we help tell your story and leave an indelible memory.



  • Promotional items reach more people than radio or TV 
    Promotional items reach 89% of the population aged 14 or older (on an average day) - more than any other medium.*
  • Reminder of brand or company name  
    Advertising by promotional items is remembered twice as often as by television.*
  • Long-term effect
    84% of the promotional items have been in the recipient's possession for more than six months.*

*Source: 'Advertising impact of promotional items' for GWW

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