Are you used to placing an order and distributing it yourself to the various departments? And is that often a race against the clock? Or do you let your own warehouse take care of it and they don't get around to it? 

Our in-house fulfillment takes this work off your hands. You can expect us to take care of the logistics. This makes sense, because orderers count on deliveries arriving in the right quantities, on time and undamaged. We live in a time when increasingly complex logistics solutions are required. The product media sector is no exception. BeGlobal has a long experience with logistics and complex services. For example, we regularly handle global promotional campaigns. Our logistics work is controlled from our own warehouse with our own people. We work with software suitable for large fulfillment warehouses and this offers you a range of real-time reporting possibilities, linked to your own brand store.

Logistics is not an afterthought for us. And that's why our warehouse is set up entirely as a fulfillment organization and 100% owned by BeGlobal. This enables us to provide high quality logistics services, because from BeGlobal you can expect that the handling of your orders is in good hands. Upon request, we can store your stock here and offer added value to the products. Here you can think about dividing an order over multiple addresses, adding flyers or printed matter, your own card with the gift, or more complex storage solutions such as for your Brandstore or Collect Deal.

Not only is our building sustainable, we ship sustainably as well. All of our shipments are carbon neutral.