Collect Deal for beneficial purchases together

Do you recognize the situation where multiple departments or branches have separately ordered their own giveaway or just the same pen? With the BeGlobal Collect Deal tool you can make joint purchases and save money. When you turn on the Collect Deal button in your own brand store, authorized colleagues are invited to participate. This not only saves time and money, it also creates a uniform look and feel within your organization.

How does the Collect Deal work?
Once you choose this when you order, time starts running and colleagues can hook up. Whether you join with substantial numbers or just a single order. Everything is possible. Prices change as volume increases. This often provides substantial benefits. We divide the complete order among the different orderers. This can of course be organized internationally.

What are the benefits of Collect Deal?

  • With Collect Deal, you take advantage of economies of scale without having to keep inventory.
  • The distribution is handled entirely by BeGlobal, so you don't have to worry about this.
  • You maintain complete control over the corporate identity of the promotional products you give away.
  • Get a grip on your spending.

The Collect Deal tool was developed by and owned by BeGlobal.