Case Studies

ING sees employees and associates as ambassadors of their brand. With the motto "do your thing," we design sustainable product media for employees and associates. We keep these products in storage in our new warehouse and they can be ordered from the brand store we designed. We give 2 examples.

For a sustainable active look, we designed the unique ING trolley made from recycled PET bottles with a logo embossing and in ING orange.

These cool sustainable sneakers really do have an ING appeal and are chosen from several branding options. 

A popular product for internal campaigns and included in the ING staff store.

Össur is a world leader in orthopedics, providing mobility for people around the world. From the headquarters in Eindhoven, orthopedic devices are designed and produced. We also see the results with the athletes of the Paralympic Games. Beglobal provides the global product media of Össur. 

In the transition to a sustainable business, we proposed to replace the polybags as packaging for the Össur shorts with reusable sustainable packaging. A packaging with a second life such as for fruits and vegetables when shopping. Or for loose items when traveling in your suitcase. The recipient of the shorts is inspired by the different possibilities of reusing the packaging.

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Milwaukee has been around for more than 100 years, providing innovative and high-quality power tools and protective equipment for professionals. In addition to their focus on quality, Milwaukee is committed to waste reduction and a cleaner planet. Together with Milwaukee, we reused old tool cases for a Christmas gift, thereby reducing waste and saving resources. 

A Milwaukee case as packaging for the Christmas gift for their clients. We designed a durable inlay so the gift had a nice look and stayed in one piece along the way.

If that isn't upcycling!

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The Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam is the leading institution in the Netherlands when it comes to educating creatives in the field of media, entertainment and technology. We take it as a compliment that the Grafisch Lyceum has chosen BeGlobal as their supplier for product media.
WE'AR GLR, that's the name of the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam's own merchandise line.

Summer assortment
Our Studio was eager to respond to the request of The Graphic Lyceum to design a summer assortment with a clothing line for the students and relations. And then clothing that is actually worn.

Picnic is the fastest growing online supermarket in the Netherlands. Everyone knows the little Picnic delivery trucks that make their way around the towns where Picnic is located. 

Winter set
As part of a Christmas gift, employees received a warm gift. This gets you noticed and Picnic noticed.

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Christmas pendant
For customers who ordered a Christmas recipe, we designed a Christmas pendant in our own 'ePV' shape for in the Christmas tree. The material is made of durable glass and is sure to return to the Christmas tree next year. The promotion was successful, as more Christmas recipes were ordered.