Building a relationship with your target audience is not easy. To do this, you use mailings, advertisements and maybe even advertising on the radio or television. All of these expressions are fleeting. When you add promotional products as an advertising medium, you leave a lasting memory. When Edwin, one of our account managers, told a client that promotional products leave a lasting memory, the client enthusiastically responded, "This is true, because I have had this writing case for over 25 years and I never get rid of it because I received it on my first day of work at a new employer." The leather folder showed signs of use and a subtly engraved company logo.
Using promotional products leaves a smile and lasting memory with the recipient. Whether you give it from your company, educational institution or government, a promotional product has effectiveness and reach. Below we list some interesting facts:

70% of recipients keep promotional products for longer periods of time. Especially when they are useful. Our professionals are happy to recommend an appropriate product for your promotion. 90% of recipients keep multiple promotional products in the kitchen. 84% of promotional items have been in the recipient's possession for more than six months. A promotional item has a high contact frequency. It is used several times a day and the message on the product reaches the recipient. A pen changes hands 7 times in six months. And the company logo will not escape anyone.The memory is positively influenced by the printing, quality and originality. People remember advertising by promotional items twice as often as advertising on television. promotional items 70% radio 29% TV 28% magazines 26%
This fact sheet is the result of market research done by our industry organization.