The gifts for the different occasions of giving to employees can easily be ordered from your own brand store. Such a brand store can be seen as an internal webshop, executed in your own look and feel with your own assortment.

In most companies, the brand store is set up for product media. However, we can easily add a so-called "gifting category" to the brand store. From that category, the HR department can then easily order onboarding gifts or a gift for a jubilee. But also, for example, flowers, fruit baskets or an engraved pen.

Your Brandstore page features all product media selected specifically for and by your organization. They are readily available, to all your employees, anywhere in the world, 24/7.

After each order, stock is automatically updated for real-time visibility. Missing out is a thing of the past because when minimum stock is reached, you automatically receive a reminder.

Want to know more about these and many more benefits of having your own brand store? Be sure to contact us!